Top Social Media Agencies – 2018

Thanks for checking out our list of who we consider to be among the best social media agencies for 2018. We feel confident in recommending anyone of these agencies for your business. Social media marketing is the primary focus or one of the primary focuses of each of these agencies, and they all do it well. Many of these agencies plan and manage social media accounts on behalf of companies located throughout the U.S., so don’t worry if you don’t see one in your particular area. Effective social media marketing can be handled from anywhere. Ready to engage and start a conversation with your customers? Check out our picks below.

Miami Social Marketing – Miami FL Area

Miami Social Marketing is a Miami based agency focused on helping companies make the most of social media platforms. We help engage a targeted audience through authentic connections to create online communities, increase awareness…and ultimately increase profits.

Miami social marketing agency

Social Distillery – Austin TX Area

A Social Media Marketing Agency with expertise in digital and interactive marketing, Social Distillery helps companies reach their consumers in an ever-evolving new media world. By leveraging the voices of your advocates and connecting with your community, we increase the reach of your message, achieving greater marketing impact and enabling scalable marketing growth.

Social Distillery social media marketing agency

Spitfire Social Media – Las Vegas NV Area

Spitfire creates and maintains social media campaigns for your business. Through creating and facilitating interesting content about your company, Spitfire provides businesses the opportunity to leave a footprint across the Internet and shrink the distance between you and the customer.

Spitfire Social Media Agency

Blue Bear Creative – Denver CO Area

A social media minded digital agency. Blue Bear Creative is the premier digital marketing agency targeting the millennial consumer (18-35 year olds). We reach millennials because we are millennials. We take a comprehensive, multi-channel approach to building brand loyalty with a demographic known for fickle preferences.

Blue Bear Creative Social Media Agency

Room 214 – Boulder CO Area

Room 214 helps businesses connect to the people who matter most, creating value through social experiences that integrate intelligence, storytelling, social media, and mobile technologies. A digital marketing agency doing smart work in social media, visual storytelling, strategy and research.

Room 214 Social Media Marketing Agency

The Social Lights – Minneapolis Area

The Social Lights® is a full-service social media marketing agency headquartered in Minneapolis, MN. We specialize in social media strategy, training, and community management. Our team of passionate and experienced digital marketers helps brands both large and small create social media strategies that reach and resonate with today’s connected consumers.

The Social Lights Social Media Agency

Drive Social Media – St. Louis MO Area

Drive Social Media is dedicated to telling your brand’s unique story through engaging content delivered through social media. We strive to be the leaders in social media marketing and strategy, and look forward to helping you create a campaign which resonates with your core audience.

Drive Social Media Agency

Everywhere Agency – Atlanta GA Area

A savvy, proactive team of tactical social media specialists, we are story architects who build connections between brands and their target audience. That’s our sweet spot: driving authentic conversations. Our award-winning campaigns leverage the power of influencers and compelling content to create buzz online for your brand and help you communicate more effectively with your customers. If you have a social media marketing need, we can provide a tailored solution to meet your goals through our customizable services.

Everywhere social media marketing agency

SOCIALFLY – New York NY Area

We utilize creative integration to raise brand awareness and deliver results. SOCIALFLY® caters to Hospitality, Entertainment, Fashion and Beauty Brands. We think in terms of Social PR, which means delivering a customized and comprehensive strategy for your business, leveraging traditional public relations, social media, digital marketing, creative services, and consulting best practices.

socialfly social media marketing agency

Likeable Media – New York NY Area

Likeable Media is a global social media and word-of-mouth marketing agency. We’ve worked with dozens of major brands. We know how to support a business around the clock and deliver measurable results. Our team is made up of incredibly passionate, driven, adaptable, innovative and accountable people. And we wrote the book on social media.

Likeable Media social media agency

ChatterBlast – Philadelphia PA Area

We are a team of media enthusiasts with backgrounds in business development, strategy, marketing, media/public relations and communications. We specialize in creating social media marketing strategies for businesses, non-profits and government agencies.

Chatterblast social media agency

Ignite Social Media – Raleigh NC – Detroit MI Areas

The original social media agency. Our complete set of social media marketing capabilities strengthens brands by connecting them with their fans. If you want to better understand how to apply new social media tools, networks, and applications to your unique business plans and marketing objectives – you’ve found the right place.

Ignite social media agency

Project Bionic – Seattle WA Area

Project Bionic is a comprehensive Social Media Marketing Agency. If it’s social media, we do it. We find the ROI. We measure. We assess. We write. We make coffee. We think. We think some more. We take a break from thinking and make some more coffee. We go back to thinking. We come up with a plan. We execute that plan. We assess the plan and its subsequent execution. We reassess the direction. We make changes, if necessary. Rinse and repeat.

Project Bionic Social Media Marketing Agency

Below are some of the areas serviced by these social media agencies:

New York NY
Los Angeles – Orange County CA
Chicago IL
Dallas-Fort Worth TX
Philadelphia, PA
Houston, TX
Miami-Fort Lauderdale, FL
Atlanta, GA
Washington DC
Boston MA
Detroit MI
Phoenix AZ
San Francisco – San Jose CA
Seattle-Tacoma WA
Minneapolis-St. Paul MN
San Diego CA
St. Louis MO
Tampa-St. Petersburg-Clearwater FL
Baltimore MD
Denver CO
Pittsburgh PA
Portland OR
Cincinnati OH
Sacramento CA
Cleveland OH
Orlando FL
San Antonio TX
Kansas City MO
Las Vegas NV

Columbus OH
Indianapolis IN
Charlotte NC
Virginia Beach VA
Austin TX
Providence RI
Nashville TN
Milwaukee WI
Jacksonville FL
Memphis TN
Louisville KY
Richmond VA
Oklahoma City OK
Hartford CT
New Orleans LA
Buffalo NY
Birmingham AL
Salt Lake City UT
Raleigh NC
Rochester NY
Tucson AZ
Tulsa OK
Fresno CA
Honolulu HI
Bridgeport-Stamford-Norwalk CT
Albany NY
New Haven CT
Albuquerque NM
Omaha NE

Dayton OH
Allentown PA
Grand Rapids MI
Baton Rouge, LA
El Paso TX
Columbia SC
Greensboro NC
Akron OH
Knoxville TN
Sarasota FL
Springfield MA
Little Rock AR
Poughkeepsie NY
Stockton – Modesto CA
Toledo OH
Charleston SC
Syracuse NY
Greenville SC
Colorado Springs CO
Wichita KS
Boise ID
Cape Coral-Fort Myers FL
Youngstown OH
Madison WI
Des Moines IA
Scranton–Wilkes-Barre PA
Jackson MS
Augusta GA