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Blogs can be a very effective tool for keeping your customers engaged with your brand, product or service. They can also be a great tool for attracting new prospects. A good blog can work effectively on both fronts whether you choose to add a blog to your existing website or make your entire website a blog.

Blogs allow your existing customers to access your content either by visiting your website and tuning into your blog on a weekly basis, or by receiving email notifications whenever you have a new post (highly recommended). Your keeping your customers engaged. Blogs also have the potential to bring you new customers by providing your website with pages of keyword-rich searchable content. This content gives people more information to make purchase decisions and it gives search engines like Google, more opportunities to rank your site, which means more click-throughs for you. There is no downside to regular blogging as long as you’re providing the reader with valuable-relevant content. To be effective, blogging needs to fall in line with your overall content and marketing strategy.

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If you have any questions about blogging or setting up a blog for your business, give us a shout. See below for the latest insights into the world of blogging.


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