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How to Choose the Right Domain Name for Your Blog or Website

OK, so you’ve decided to launch a new website. Just one problem. Before you go out and buy your hosting and set up WordPress, you’re going to need to choose a domain name. While choosing a domain name may seem like an easy task, keep in mind that there are millions of websites on the world-wide web and each one has a unique domain name. Translation? Chances are that your perfect domain name, the one you spent hours trying to come up with, the one you told all of your friends about, etc. is taken. Even if the plan is to use your own business name as your domain, you may still run into availability issues.  But don’t get too stressed about it. It may take a little extra effort on your part, but you’ll eventually come up with an available domain name.


In order to search for available domain names, you’re going to have to determine what domain extension you want. Back in the day, our choices were limited to .com, .org, .net. Today, there are more than 100 such extensions including options like .music, .zip, .charity, .sport, etc. While all of these options better your chances of finding a good domain name, you’re still better off attempting to secure a “.com” extension. It’s much easier for people to remember (as they have been trained to assume everything is “.com”) and it offers a level of credibility.


If you plan on using your business name as your domain name, you should be ok, as long as your business name is not too common.


Try and avoid using dashes to break up your domain i.e. They look bad and don’t look legit. Also, difficult for people to remember. If “” is already taken, try adding a qualifier word such as “store” or “amazing”, etc. ( Also, make sure that the domain name you choose reads ok when run together. Certain word combinations can create entirely new words (and some of the may not look so good).


If you’re having trouble finding and choosing a domain name for your site, try using a thesaurus to come up with words related to your business. Think of adjectives you can throw in to describe your business. Search Google for businesses similar to yours and see what domains they are using. Keep trying out different combinations until something sticks.

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