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There are two primary types of content marketing. Creating useful content for customers (and prospects) and creating content just because someone said you need to. The web is full of article farms pitching cheap variations of the same articles to any willing buyer and there are thousands of companies publishing these types of articles hoping to lure in new customers. They don’t work.

Everyone is jumping on the content bandwagon and very few companies have a clue as to why they are doing it. If you want to leverage content marketing as part of your overall marketing strategy, you need to do it right or you’re just wasting time. Your content needs to be valuable, consistent and relevant. It may not be about your brand specifically, but your brand is part of the solution. Effective content can drive in-bound sales and leads, but that’s only if people see it, act on it or share it.

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Content marketing is more about storytelling than blatant pitching of your products and services. It’s about informing prospects to make them want to buy and informing buyers to make them want to buy more. Let’s take the example of a restaurant that is known for their amazing aged prime steaks, but not so much their new organic locally-sourced free-range chicken. An effective content marketing tactic for this restaurant might be to create a blog post, email or landing page educating customers on the topic of “What makes organic chicken organic?” The message isn’t “Hey you, come try our organic chicken!” Instead, it’s educating customers on the process of raising organic chickens, so they see the value in it and want to buy and share the information. The restaurant can do a series of content pieces, each taking different angles toward educating consumers on the benefits of how this chicken is sourced.

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