Email Marketing Insights

Let’s face it, today’s consumer has choices, and lots of them. They are being inundated with information. It’s estimated that on average, people are exposed to more than 2,900 marketing messages each day (wonder who did the counting). There is even an industry that has developed which is solely dedicated to helping people get rid of these messages.

Email is near the top of the list when it comes to over-saturated clutter. Not because it doesn’t work, but because most marketing emails are garbage and people are tuning them out. The one size fits all philosophy of email marketing no longer applies. People have short attention spans when it comes to their inboxes. If you’re just blasting out generic messages, it’s likely you’re getting tuned-out.


Today’s consumers want personalized, relevant communications. And email, if done right, can be one of the best tools you have available to deliver these conversations. On any given day, your customer may or may not visit your website, social media pages or even your blog, but most do check their email every day. Email can be a very powerful medium for driving sales. According to the Direct Marketing Association, when it comes to purchases made as a result of receiving a marketing message, email has the highest conversion rate (66%), when compared to social, direct mail and more.

You’ve worked too hard to acquire your customers, don’t let a poorly executed email campaign drive them away. Have questions about running an effective email campaign? Give us a shout.

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