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How to Optimize Your LinkedIn Company Page for Search

Optimizing your LinkedIn company page is very similar to optimizing your own web pages and plays an important role in off-page SEO efforts. Google does display and rank LinkedIn company pages and posts!

Here are 3 ways to get started…

Use keywords and keyword phrases. Include keywords in your company profile information and description, clearly representing who you are and what you do. You can also make effective use of keywords within the title and content of your posts.


Link to your Company Page. Creating links to your Company Page from your website, blog or other digital marketing materials is essential for boosting your ranking in search. Also, make sure the LinkedIn profiles of employees and colleagues are up to date. When they add your company to their work experience, a link is created back to your Company Page.


Share relevant content. One of the best ways to improve your rankings and search results is to share relevant content on a regular basis. When you publish updates from your Company Page they also appear on your public page, which allows your content to be indexed by Google. The more frequently you share content your followers engage with, the higher your Company Page will appear in search results.



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